From 2000 to 2004 I had the opportunity to work as the Art Director leading a team of artists designing the virtual world of is self described as "A place where you can engage your imagination by enjoying shared experiences with others online".

For me the work has touched every aspect of my artistic training and allowed me to be a land developer, graphic illustrator, and theme park designer all in one project.

Unlike a computer game, was intended as an ever growing community where new places and things to do are being added all the time.

I am increasingly working inside VR to do my 3D model building. There is something very intuitive and freeing about building your designs inside the world they will eventually be experienced. These examples have been built in both Google Blocks and Gravity Sketch, all constructed in VR.

I have been using real-time rendering engines to build, review, and export virtual attractions. This one is a group project which succeeded in recreating the original 1958 version of Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland dark ride. This was built using SketchUp, Enscape, and Unity.